Zen Habits Podcast
A podcast to help you face uncertainty & resistance

S2 Ep11 - Ritual & Sacredness

How can we cultivate a deeper sense of wonder and appreciation through the practice of ritual? In this episode, we explore how rituals can transform ordinary activities into moments of presence and meaning by infusing our tasks with intention and devotion.

S2 Bonus - Maria Gehrke on Mindfulness Through Art and Parenting

How can mindfulness in art and parenting contribute to emotional resilience and growth? In this episode, we discuss the therapeutic effects of art, the benefits of mindful parenting, and how these practices foster resilience, creativity, and deeper connections.

S2 Ep10 - Fear of Failure

How can we overcome the fear of failure to unlock our true creative potential? In this episode, we dive deep into understanding the root causes of this fear, exploring practical strategies to build self-trust, and learning how to embrace failure as an integral part of the learning process.

S2 Bonus - James Clear on Developing an Effective Creative Practice

How can small, consistent actions lead to sustained creative growth and long-term success? In this episode, James Clear shares his journey from blogger to bestselling author, insights on maintaining consistency, and tips for building an effective creative practice that aligns with our goals.

S2 Ep09 - Fearless Ritual & the Creator's Process

How can establishing a daily ritual empower us to face our fears and transform resistance into creativity? In this episode, we explore the Fearless Ritual and the Four-Step Creator's Process, a powerful framework to help you navigate uncertainty and resistance in creative projects.


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